The meter is simple and easy to use. By simply holding your contactless smart card (also supplied by us) against the RFID interface on the meter you can top up, remove any outstanding credit on the meter and even set your own rate setting. All of our contactless smart cards are rechargeable and are available in any denominations that you require.

The product can be used as a standard coin meter also by just adding your money to the coin mechanism in the device.

By default this meter accepts £1 coins only but can be programmed to accept an alternative coin and currency on request for a small charge.


A Top-Up Station is also available, which enables customers to top up their rechargeable smart cards themselves. By simply putting their money into the Top-Up Station and holding their smart card against the RFID interface, they can easy add any amount of credit onto their cards.


Electric Meter Sales

Electric Meter Sales

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Electric Meter Sales


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