• Radiant Vending kit

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    The Speeder Radiant Vending Kit is a coin operated Infra-red outdoor heater, specifically designed for smoking areas to keep customers warm.
    The smoking ban has made pubs unattractive to many people, since the have to go out side on cold nights to have a smoke, but with the cheep and simple Speeder kit that is a thing of the past.
    Infra-red technology means that energy is not wasted on heating up the air and so the heat can not blow away so even on a windy night smokers can stay outside in relative comfort.

    Maintenance free
    The SP107/SH requires no routine maintenance and will provide a trouble free service for many years to come.


    Efficient – Only heats people not the air in between
    Economic – Costs less than 14 pence an hour to run
    Effective – The only form of heat that does not blow away
    Instant – Heat effective within seconds of turning on
    Directional – Point the heater exactly how you want it
    Durable – Maintenance Free
    Attractive – Heater housed in a floodlight casing, it blends in with the outdoor environment.
    Silent Operation
    Tamper proof wall mount, stainless steel, radial pin lock and anti-jemmy design for security
    UK design, manufacture and technical support.
    Available in Stone or new Antique Silver.