Top Up / Pay Stations

Top Up / Pay Stations

The Top-Up Pay Station for the RFID Card & Coin Meter range allows you to top up your rechargeable smart cards yourself.

With this in place these is no longer any need for you to keep sending your cards back to us whenever you want them topped up. Simply put your money into the coin slot and hold your smart card against the RFID interface for the credit to register. The card is then ready for use with any of our RFID meters.

We offer trade & wholesale prices. Should you require large volumes of meters then please feel free to contact us by email or give us a call on 01902 636501.

  • Contactless Smart card top-up station - dual coin

    Contactless Card Meter Top Up Station – Dual Coin (multi-coin)

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  • Contactless Card Meter Top Up Station – Single Coin

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  • Toilet access coin or token panel

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    Can be set to accept all sterling coins, including new pound coin and all euro coins

    Converts suitable toilet doors in a pay per use system, the doors offer a safe and secure way to add a charge and keep vandals out.

    The system has an occupancy sensor to prevent abuse which serves to turn off lighting when not in operation and a secure self locking mechanism coupled with a timer to automatically lock the doors after a certain time to reduce the need of staff visits to open and close the toilets.

    These are used by local authorities, shopping centres and social services departments to generate revenue and for ease of use.
    Our technical department is available to offer advice.

    Maintenance free

    The SP111 requires no routine maintenance and will provide trouble free service.

    The SP111 will:-

    · Allow automatic locking and un-locking at night if required.

    · Provide payment adjustable in 5p increments.

    · Give ecological control of internal light (switch off when toilet un-occupied).

    · Deter vandals.

    · Raise revenue.

    · Cut energy costs.

    · Cut cleaning costs.


    The wiring kit includes everything the electrician will require to complete installation:-

    · 12V AC sealed transformer.

    · Timer.

    · Relay.

    · Electric door strike.

    · Occupancy sensor.

    Stainless steel toilet access panel

    Coin or token entry with timed access

    RADAR option and secure audit.

    Robust design & vandal resistant.

    UK design, manufacture and full technical support.

  • Contactless smart card top-up station by Electric Meter Sales

    Wholesaler Smart Card Top-Up Station

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    Product Code: EMS305WP