Electric Smart Card Meters & Prepayment Card Meters

Our NEW EMS Smart Card Meter is the very latest in card meter technology, superseding the Old AMPY 5188A mag card meter. Available as a single phase meter or Three Phase Meter.

  • Our latest RFID Technology means no more damp cards that don’t work, using our EMS Smart Cards, they are Hard Durable plastic, they can topped up again and again.
  • With No Buttons for Tampering With all Communication with our products for adding credit and setting rates is simply done by holding a card to front of the meter.
  • No Annual license required to operate this system simple plug and play.
  • We are the Only Metering Company to offer three pay stations for our products
  1. 1st option is a wholesaler pay station, this allows the wholesaler to top-up there cards with a small plug and play device. extremely simply to use simply plug it in and push to button on the side to your desired amount, hold your card to the device and it tops it up.
  2. 2nd option is our Coin Pay station, this can situated In a lobby or reception, allows all tenants to top there own meter up by adding coin then hold there card to front of the device to top up.
  3. 3rd option is our Note Reader, this can situated in a lobby or reception, allows all tenants to top their own prepayment meter up by adding Notes then hold their card to the front of the device to top up. Prepayment card meters with remote access, contactless top-up stations, contactless electric card meters, wholesaler top-up stations, contactless smart card prepayment systems, full range of smart cards