Landlord Properties with Electric Meters

Landlord Properties and Electric Meters

Prepayment electric meters for commercial property landlords
Prepayment electric meters for residential properties and holiday let landlords

Electric Meter Sales caters for all types of landlords, from those requiring Single and Three Phase meters, to those in need of Pre-Payment meters.

Single Phase Electric Meters

We currently offer the biggest variety of single rate meters found on the market with both digital and analogue meters available, and with our digital range starting from just £9.99, we are sure to have the best cost effective solution for you.

Single Phase is currently connected at 230/240V via two wires: 1 active and 1 neutral. Single Phase connections are mostly found in the majority of domestic settings.

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Three Phase Electric Meters

You can also find on our website a large range of both digital and analogue Three Phase meters which currently start from just £23.99.

Three Phase electricity is typically connected at 400/415V consisting of three active wires and just one neutral. Three Phase supply is very common in both large industrial and commercial settings where powerful appliances or machinery is used.

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Prepayment Electric Meters

Electric Meter Sales has a wide range of brand new pre-payment meters from standard coin meters right up to contactless card meters making us the UK’s number 1 stop for all landlords.

Pre-Payment meters allows for electricity to be paid for in advance. Typically these meters are found in rented accommodation, holiday lets, traveller sites, laundrettes, sun bed shops, snooker halls as well as many more places such as marinas and holiday parks.

  • Coin Meters – with standard coin meters available, these can be attached to many different appliances.
  • Timer Meters – with multiple timer meters available, again these can be attached to a range of different appliances and can even run a whole household.
  • Contactless Card Meters – with both single and three phase contactless card meters available these again can be attached to many different appliances, households and even industrial units and machinery.

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