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Housing Associations

Single phase electric meters for housing associations

The majority of domestic households in UK are currently installed with a single phase supply of electricity. Electric Meter Sales provides a huge range meters suitable for housing associations as well as new and existing developments.

Single Phase Electric Meters

Here at Electric Meter Sales we provide both brand new and reconditioned digital and analogue meters which are ideal for measuring the electricity usage within domestic households. Single Phase is currently connected at 230/240V via two wires: 1 active and 1 neutral. Single Phase connections are mostly found in the majority of domestic settings.

Digital Meters

Our best selling single phase digital meter is our brand new Dragonfly. Starting at just £16.99, the Dragonfly is available in both a Pulsed and Non Pulsed output, both versions also come with the option with of an extended terminal cover.

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Analogue Meters

Our most popular analogue single phase meter is the GEC C11B2A. Available for just £11.99, the C11B2A is a fully reconditioned unit which has been reset to zero and is in a full working order.

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