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    The 'FORT' coin and token operated pay as you go 100amp electricty metering solution is ideal for those wish to control the amount of money spent on their energy. This unique system will deliver elecric to the user based upon the rate set and the amount payed into the meter.

    ONLY £150.00

    Our 100amp metering solutions enable landlords and business owners to monitor the amount of electric that their tenants use. This allows for accurate billing and greater control. Contact us for more details on 01902 604 888.

  • New RFID Prepayment Meter

    This is our new generation RFID single phase prepayment meter which supersedes our previous 2007 version. The meter is brand new to the market and boasts the latest must have Contactless RFID technology which is perfect for landlords, caravan parks and even marinas.

    ONLY £110.00

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We now offer a nationwide gas and electric meter fitting service for business and households. Get in touch with us today for a FREE no obligation quotation.

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We are the UK's largest metering specialists providing gas and electricty metering units for business, commerical and domestic use including landlords and rental oulets.

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Based in the West Midlands, Electric Meters Sales Ltd (EMS) is the UK's largest secondary metering sales company, selling a wide range of Electric meters, Smart meters, Prepayment RFID meters and Coin Operated meters.